D. Williams


D Williams is an Oakland native who is positive about a change in his community and Oakland as whole. Suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia his entire life gave D a completely different outlook. Never having been promised the ''American Dream'' D realized that he would decide his own destiny and fulfill his own dreams. After gaining a real passion for hand-crafted treasures and bamboo as an art medium D set out on his own personal mission to help beautify his community and his life by sharing his unique art form. If you would like to purchase or have any further questions about the products or D. Williams Handcarfted please feel free to CONTACT US AT MRANDMRSDWILLIAMS@GMAIL.COM


  • Tube earrings can be personalized
  • intstruments (flutes and pipes) can also be personalized. U…


  • curing
  • sealing
  • photography
  • visual art
  • wearable art
  • modified organic art